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EaterWire: Carnelian Room to Shutter, Jones Gets New Name, More Silly Mobile Food

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Per tomorrow's Scoop, the 40-year-old Carnelian Room will shutter, but oddly enough, not until Christmas (attention much?). Before blaming the economy and the struggles of fine dining, perhaps everyone should note that the Carnelian Room has long been a ghost town and as seen by menu items like cherry reductions and crab towers, it struggled to exit the '90s, cuisine-wise. Still, those views (not to mention event spaces) don't come along too often, so someone is bound to give it another life. Keller? Mina? Phan? We're looking at you, sirs. [Scoop]

THE MARINA—A job ad on Craigslist suggests that Team Bin38 has decided on a new name for their upcoming sports bar/American grill in the old Jones space: The Republic. The current due date remains late Sept/early Oct. [CL via GS]

SAN FRANCISCO—At this point, SF street food ridiculousness is turning into Mad Libs. First came the banh mi tricycle, and now there's a cupcake golf cart. Good grief. Next week: pork sliders served from a Rascal. [UD]