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GhirardelliWire: North Point Cafe Bows Out After a Month

Ghirardelli Square: Exactly a month after it began, the North Point Cafe experiment has ended. The cafe by Laurel's Catering in the old Marche space was always considered a temporary summer one—hence the month-to-month lease, which obviously turned out to be a month lease—to test the waters of a possible brick-and-mortar location for the catering outfit. According to Ghirardelli, the space is still unclaimed and now up for grabs, though word on the street is that NPC might have closed shop to make way for a new tenant (for what it's worth, Sogno's liquor license is still pending). Meanwhile, the Marche owners are still embroiled in a bit of a legal battle from their quick stay in Ghirardelli.
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