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EaterWire: Schnitzelhaus to Shutter, Patterson on Video

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Photo: Flickr/vonmarkus

SOMA—The upcoming weekend will be the swan song for Schnitzelhaus on Ninth and Folsom. The last day for the 13-year-old German favorite will be Sunday the 27th, and while there's a chance that another German restaurant might take its place in November or so, nothing is a done deal yet. [EaterWire]

BROADWAY STRIP—SF's resident genius Daniel Patterson goes on video to demonstrate to Epicurious how to make a yuba pappardelle. It's an intriguing look inside the Coi kitchen (and Patterson's mind), but the best part might be when he stares at the lady and deadpans that these peas from the farmers market are about two times as good as normal peas. Shades of "these go to 11." [Hulu]