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Meanwhile in the Pacific Northwest: Barista Hookers!

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Everett, WA: Up in Washington state, five lady baristas have been charged with prostitution. The violating coffee shop is, ahem, called Grab N Go. Simply put, the entire, awe-inspiring article might be the best thing you'll read all day. The Mothership has already shared its favorite five tidbits; here are five more:

1) Not only was it a two-month undercover sting operation (nice work, detectives), but the best part is that the brave cops say that they were going to proceed with the dangerous, skanky mission even sans approval. Says Sgt. Robert Goetz: "We were going forward with our investigation no matter what was going on with the council." Just like in The Wire.

2) In the report, a detective also pointed out that the stand was out of chocolate one day, so he couldn't have his mocha. The nerve!

3) "Everett police during the past year had received more than 40 complaints about various bikini coffee stands around the Everett area ... The department decided to investigate Grab-n-Go Espresso — the business generating the most complaints." Various bikini coffee stands? As in, instead of bacon/mixology everything, they have bikini/prostitute everything? What kind of town is this?

4) The baristas played "basketball" with the customers.

5) The City is going to decide next week whether to change the city’s lewd conduct ordinance to include espresso stands. Fortunately, the proposed change would not forbid bikinis, pasties or sheer undergarments "as long as their nipples and areolas are covered." Because Everett, Washington is a classy place.
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