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Sebo's New Chef, Don Pisto's Details

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HAYES VALLEY—When Sebo reopens after that week-long break next Tuesday, the new chef will be Masa Sasaki, last seen handling the Japanese side of the food operations over at the St. Regis. [EaterWire]

NORTH BEACH—Now that El Raigon is closed, Lady Hopstress discovers that its replacement, the mysterious Don Pisto's, will indeed be a Mexican restaurant, something NB could definitely use (if decent, of course). To be precise, it will specialize in Mexican street food like tacos, ceviches and Baja-style burritos. If all goes to plan, it will attempt to be open late night, which should thrill the North Beach neighborhood associations. [TH]

PACIFIC HEIGHTS—Just a reminder that Charles Phan's latest, the Bush Street version of Out the Door, pushed back its debut a day and is slated to open tomorrow. In the meantime, Grubz has a looksie at the menu. [EaterWire]

SEBASTOPOL—This week's restaurant review in the Press Democrat examines a place called Pesto Bar Cafe. It seems to be a perfectly cute, somewhat hippie-ish eatery, but with one twist: "For the artists among us, each black enameled table comes equipped with a miniature Etch-A-Sketch for dust-free doodling." TrendWatch anyone? [PD]

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517 Hayes St, San Francisco, CA