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Upcoming SoMa Restaurant's Gimmick Seems Familiar

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SoMa: Near the corner of Folsom and Seventh, a new restaurant by the name of Radius has claimed the space that last housed the sadly-departed Julie's Supper Club. The new concept is "contemporary Californian cuisine" sourced from a 100-mile radius (see what they did there?). Of course, the 100-mile rule, almost word-for-word, is the exact same gimmick that Fish & Farm has employed quite successfully. Seeing as how Aurea boasted a 50-mile sourcing radius when it opened last year, maybe Radius should try to one-up the competition and just go for 25 miles. Now that would be interesting.
· Julie's Supper Club Loses Liquor License; Future in Doubt [~ESF~]


1123 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA