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Plywood Report: Noeteca, Petrino, Fresca, MORE!

1) Noe Valley: Ladies and gents, the awning is up at the much-delayed Noeteca, but still no word on an actual debut. Earlier this summer, the aim was September 9th, but a peek inside reveals that the interior remains a work in progress. Stay tuned. [PLYWOOD]

2) Financial District: Speaking of big blue awnings, downtown office workers might have noticed that a Kearny newcomer has quickly sprouted up and looks ready to roll out any day now. It's called Petrino and will apparently be hawking Mediterranean delights, like gyros, souvlaki and seafood. [POST-PLYWOOD]

3) SoMa: The country's first and only "kink cafe," Wicked Grounds, has been plagued by all kinds of permitting issues. The latest is that their fingers are crossed (or rather, bound ... zing!) for next week, assuming they pass the, ahem, four inspections before then. [PLYWOOD]

4) Inner Sunset: A few people have been asking about the Fresca branch that is going into the old PJ's Oysterbed space near the Ninth/Irving intersection. As seen above, it's still in full-on gut mode; don't hold your breath. [PLYWOOD]

5) Glen Park: Something's astir at the shuttered Sangha space, where a sale is in progress. As it stands, no one seems to know what exactly is planned and the liquor license applications aren't much help either. Anyone? [PLYWOOD]