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EaterWire: Aqua Brings Back Lunch, Julie's New Book

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EATER BOOK CLUB—The Mothership gets its hands on a copy of the upcoming Cleaving by Julie Powell of Julie & Julia fame. Here's an excerpt; cringe accordingly: "He slapped my ass, bit me, hard, left bruises all over my body that I had to take care to hide, dark and mottled and as distinct in shape as the bites taken out of surfboards by sharks." ...Yep. [Eater NY]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—While everyone awaits the effect that the Spruce takeover will have on Aqua, Grub Street notes that the troubled giant is bringing back lunch service, starting on the 22nd. Aqua previously cut lunch back in January. [GS]

THE RICHMOND—Tonight, Bella Trattoria on Geary is celebrating their new fall menu for some reason, and they're offering Italian cocktails and free antipasti. Also, no corkage Mondays through Wednesdays. [EaterWire]

THE SUNSET—PJ's Oysterbed is slated to become another Fresca, but N-Judah brings up a good point: what's going on at the shuttered Daily Dose? It's been closed forever, but everything inside—from the furniture to the coffee and tea—is still completely intact. Oddness. Anyone know anything? [N-Judah]