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New Resto, Club and Rooftop Bar Planned on Market

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First Foreign Cinema announced its new project on Market and Sixth. Now elsewhere in Mid-Market, sister site Curbed SF brings the good word that the Grant Building on the corner of Market and Seventh is trying to convert itself into a new hotel. But that's only half the story: if all the pieces fall into place (i.e., if it gets all the city approvals), also en route would be a 3500-square-foot nightclub, a 2500-square-foot restaurant, and perhaps most titillating (yes titillating): a 7500-square-foot "open air roof bar." Perhaps we can call it Medjool North? If the project does indeed comes to fruition, it technically would be the first legal rooftop bar in town and possibly a substantial upgrade from the Juice Paradise that currently resides at 1095 Market.

More details on the building revival over at Curbed SF. >>

Grant Building

1095 Market St, San Francisco, CA

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