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Michael Mina Eyes a New Project in Yerba Buena

Former mayor and current most important journalist in town Willie Brown drops a hot rumor that Michael Mina is in talks to open a new restaurant in town. The project—which would be Mina's third in San Francisco—would be located in the pedestrian walkway adjacent to the Contemporary Jewish Museum and word on the street is that Las Vegas nightclub mogul Victor Drai is also involved.

The specific restaurant space is involved is another question, but it's worth pointing out two tidbits: in his flagship, Mina already has a relationship with the Westin (where Ducca sits) but given the difficulties of hotel restaurants and unions, even more telling might be that in RN74, he also has a relationship with the Millennium Partners, which has been filling out the Four Seasons/Yerba Buena Lane spaces. Take it as you will.

When asked for comment, Team Mina had no comment and could neither confirm nor deny anything, which is always the surefire sign (note: not always surefire) that there could be something in the works. In the meantime, we'll take all intel to the tipline; story developing...
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Yerba Buena Lane

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