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Week in Reviews

2010_01_costanera.jpgMikey Two Stars makes a cameo down the coast in Montara, where the team behind Mochica and Piqueo's has opened another Peruvian joint in the very scenic La Costanera. Though the seaside setting is "breathtaking by day and almost mystical at night," the rest of the equation lags: "However, as the restaurant grew more crowded over the course of three visits, the kitchen made more missteps, so what was good one time was disappointing the next ... La Costanera shows much promise, but is still finding its sea legs." With the lowest rating reserved for the service side of the operation (1.5 stars), The BauerQuake hands La Costanera a deucespot overall. [Chron]

8150 Cabrillo Highway, Montara, CA