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Terroir's Happy Ending, Salt Laws Coming to SF?

SOMA—To cap off a day of comebacks, Jon Bonne shares the happy ending news that SoMa wine bar Terroir is finally reopening on Friday. Last we heard from Terroir, they went under the knife all the way back in October. [Twitter]

NANNY STATES—In New York, Mayor Bloomberg wants food companies and restaurants to reduce salt in their products and menu items by 25%. Ridiculous or progressive? Either way, the National Salt Institute is not happy. And yes, Gavin is going to think about it too now. [~ENY~]

FIDI—Not only has Yats found a (maybe) temporary home at Annie's Bistro, but they are flirting with opening a soup kiosk downtown. [SFW]

NAPA—From the Dept. of Useless Facts to Share at Dinner Parties, courtesy of Wine Spectator: even though Brides magazine says wine country is one of the top wedding destinations in country, prospective newlyweds that want to wed in vineyards quickly get their bubbles burst because of "long-standing county ordinance prohibits wineries from hosting such events." So there. [Wine Spectator]


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