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Poleng Lounge the Latest Casualty of the New Year

The latest casualty of the young and bloody New Year is Poleng Lounge, which just announced that it will be shutting down food service after one last hurrah on this weekend. Drinks and entertainment will last until the end of the month, at which point the place will go dark.

The Asian eatery opened in 2006 to much acclaim and has been one of the few places doing Filipino food in town. The farewell letter from the restaurant:

Change happens quickly in the new year, and change happens unexpectedly. Today, I have the unfortunate duty to announce the wind down of Poleng Lounge. 2009 was a rough year and 2010 promises to be a better year. With that in mind, we're packing our bags and saying goodbye to 1751 Fulton St. and on to new projects across the Bay Area and beyond.
In 3.5 years, we took a legendary night club space and transformed it into our vision of a 3rd space for people of like minds to mingle and enjoy loose leaf tea, exotic asian street food, artisan cocktails, and the best of underground music and nightlife. To our surprise we ranked up critical acclaim for our take on asian food (in particular Filipino). We were quickly named one of the Top 10 restaurants in 2006 and remained in the Top 100 a few years afterwards. Most importantly, we made lifelong friends along the way! We have co-workers, dj's and promoters that we think of as family, and a whole host of vendors, foodies, neighbors, and supporters we'll surely miss.

Last call for food is this Sunday, 1/17/10. We'll be running 1/2 off Wine, Sake, and Shochu all week or until we run-out.

Last call for Drinks and Nitelife is Sunday, 1/31/10. Stay tuned for our schedule of month long closing parties.

Sweets to the sweet; farewell.
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Poleng Lounge

1751 Fulton St., San Francisco, CA