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Gator Thompson Does BBQ, Beer Week Nears, More!

THE PENINSULA—Down in San Mateo, chef Gator Thompson has started a "Back Porch BBQ" in the parking lot behind his fine dining spot, Dollie Marie's. He's only doing during lunchtime from on weekdays from 11AM-2PM; more info on the BBQ options and menu can be had on this handy flyer. [EaterWire]

SAN FRANCISCO—Dine About Town starts tomorrow, which means it's almost time for Beer Week 2010. Tickets are now on sale. [B&N]

MISSOURI—Erica Wang wasn't the only nutter to face the wrath of the law this week. That Missouri lady who went berserk in McDonald's—and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage by throwing cash registers and buckets of water—was charged for her rampage on Tuesday. The upshot: a felony charge, all because she was displeased with her hamburger. [AP, previously]

Dollie Marie's

1602 South El Camino Real, San Mateo, CA