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Presenting the Most Amazing New Name of 2010, So Far

The old Cote Sud spot went dark on New Year's Eve, but already a rebirth is underway. An awesomely-named rebirth, to be precise. The upstairs space in the Castro is slated to open tomorrow as an Indian/Pakistani restaurant open late-ish (midnight nightly) and best of all, it's named—wait for it—Curry Boyzz. Curry. Boyzz. And to make it even better, it's in the Castro! It's only January 14, but do we already have a frontrunner for the Restaurant Name of the Year? The second "z" really does the trick.
· The Shutter: Cote Sud to Close Shop After Seven Years on 18th [~ESF~]

Curry Boyzz

4238 18th St, San Francisco, CA