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Patterson and Kinch to Team Up For Epic Bocuse d'Or Dinner

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In December, the Bocuse d'Or USA Foundation announced the 12 semi-finalists for the next team to rep America at the so-called Culinary Olympics. To help raise funds to support the cause, Daniel Patterson—who was invited by Daniel Boulud and Thomas Keller to be on the Bocuse council—will be teaming up with fellow Michelin two-star chef David Kinch for a special one-night dinner engagement extravaganza at Coi. Epic? Yes. The pricetag is steep ($195) but then again, it could be the meal of a lifetime (or maybe an early Valentine's Day treat). The dinner takes place on Monday, February 8, and reservations—which should go quickly—can be made via Coi at 415-393-9000.

The menu, which will have the two chefs alternating courses:

The chefs have some surprises in store, including several amuse bouches, an intermezzo course, and mignardises. Following are the main courses:

Assorted Shellfish with Radish and Apple, Seawater (Kinch)

Beet and Goat Cheese Tart (broken, inverted) (Patterson)
rye, dill

Steelhead Trout with Onion and Marrow "Tears," Chervil Cream (Kinch)

Winter, Pastoral (Patterson)
young carrots roasted on a bed of hay, radish powder, shaved pecorino

Crispy Chicken and Egg Confit, a Roasted Chicken "Dashi," Black Truffles (Kinch)

Steamed Chicken Breast (Patterson)
wild mushroom porridge, brown butter, wood sorrel

It's Almost It (Corbett)
chocolate, oatmeal, orange

· Bocuse d'Or's 12 USA Semi-Finalists Announced! [~ESF~]


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