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Sausalito OKs New Restaurant, Rosamunde Arrives Monday

SAN FRANCISCO—7x7's restaurant "Flash Mob" experiment takes place tonight. Basically, take a photo of a restaurant at 8PM and email it to them to create a photo collection for 7x7. [7x7]

THE MISSION—Psst: "@rosamundesf: Opening Monday" [Twitter]

SAUSALITO—A notable new restaurant got approved in Sausalito this week. In the old Rustico space, a group led by Matt Kahn (who also owns Cigar Bar here in SF) will open a still-unnamed, 56-seat restaurant with chef Kim Alter at the helm. Alter comes with a strong resume (Manresa, Ubuntu, Danko), and she pitches her menu as "comfort food with technique" with a full bar and entrees between $15 and $22. Sausalito being NIMBY Sausalito, the restaurant had to nix the proposed outdoor patio dining, because according to the city, "outdoor dining can become an outdoor bar." [MS]

Rosamunde Sausage Grill

2832 Mission Street, , CA 94110 (415) 970-9015 Visit Website


2832 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA‎