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Chemel's Baume Nears, Salahis Booed, Coi's Hiatus

PALO ALTO—In the wake of the whole Chez TJ/Bruno Chemel implosion, it came out last week that TJ has a new chef, and now, Chemel is nearing the opening of his own restaurant in the next two weeks or so. It's called Baume and it looks like Chemel is playing for stars, with tasting menus of various lengths. [EaterWire]

BROADWAY STRIP—FYI: Coi will be closed from January 22 to February 4. Daniel Patterson is going traveling. [Twitter]

VEGAS—The Salahis—aka the White Hosue partycrashers—were out on the town in Vegas at the trendy Pure nightclub, and well, you know you're unpopular when people keep booing even after Haiti is brought up: "Tareq Salahi had just told the crowd that he and his wife had waived the appearance fee when the first boos were heard among cheers. The booing continued when he asked the crowd to join them in supporting the earthquake victims in Haiti..." Ouch. . [LVRJ via Eater National]


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