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Credo Opens Today, Brings Another Italian Option to FiDi

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Sure it will probably play second fiddle to fellow FiDi Italian eatery Barbacco for the foreseeable future, but just up the road, Credo makes its debut downtown today. As noted earlier, the Clint Reilly-owned trattoria is putting out a pretty standard Italian menu of pastas, pizzas and such. The interior of the former bank is, of course, centered around the quotable artwork gimmick, which, judging by some of the comments, is a hate-it or love-it type thing. The big question, of course, is whether Credo will land on the Perbacco side or on the Belden Alley side of the downtown equation; place your bets in the comments or to the tipline, please. 360 Pine Street, between Montgomery and Sansome; 415-693-0360, website
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360 Pine St., San Francisco, CA