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Vita Cleans the Slate, Does Away With PJ Steak Remnants

Above, witness the scene up in Yountville, where Laura Cunningham has completely made any and all remnants of the entire PJ Steak building vanish into thin Wine Country air. The actual demolition took place about a month ago, but in the Keller family, even destructoporn is done quickly, neatly and efficiently. The shots of the dirt farm seen here were taken earlier this month, and next up is the actual construction of the building that will house Cunningham's Vita. With Bottega and Cantinetta Piero, is there some rule that Italian restaurants in Yountville have to be on the west side of Washington Street?
· Laura Cunningham's Vita Starts to Ramp Up in Yountville [~ESF~]


6725 Washington Street, Yountville, CA