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Kaygetsu's Economic Side, Credo Reactions, Bernal Robbery

FIDI—Citysearch has some early thoughts on the week-old Credo. A snippet: "Credo seemed like a fully realized restaurant three days after opening, as if it were part of an established franchise--or planned on becoming one." [CS, previously]

BERNAL HEIGHTS—Per the Appeal, an unnamed restaurant on the 500 block of Cortland was held up at gunpoint by mean robbers yesterday evening. No arrests have been made. [SFA]

ALASKA—Today, in fast food freakouts, a man was sentenced to a day in jail, a year of probation, and a year-long ban from Taco Bell after he threw double-decker taco at a Taco Bell manager. The 31-year-old man claims he had to throw the taco "because it contained spit after he went through the drive-thru twice because the restaurant messed up his order." [AP via Eater National]

SILICON VALLEY—Menlo Park's haute Japanese spot Kaygetsu apparently doubles as a barometer for economic health, and things are looking up: "Kaygetsu, which is popular with venture capitalists in the area, slumped for a while last year. But business 'is picking back up ... There are deals going on. We can tell by their mood and willingness to have alcohol during lunch.'" Flowing booze is good news. [WSJ]


325 Sharon Park Drive Menlo Park, CA