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Upcoming Taqueria Destroyed By Hit-and-Run; Idiot Driver Leaves License Behind

It's hard enough to open a restaurant in the first place, but imagine arriving at your new business—two weeks before its grand opening—to discover that a Honda Element had crashed through the building in a hit-and-run accident, which is what happened to Oakland's D’Alicia's Taqueria. The husband-and-wife team had put in all their money into the place. That's the heart-wrenching part. The funny part is that the driver was unclear on the concept of "hit-and-run" and left his driver's license in the car (not to mention the car itself was still there), so hopefully a happy ending is in the works.
· Hit-And-Run Driver Delays Taqueria Grand Opening [KTVU]

D’Alicia's Taqueria

31st Avenue and San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA