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Sozai Returns to the Sunset, Plus Radius Updates and More!

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1) The Sunset: Surprise: Sozai is making a comeback (of sorts), with a possible opening as soon as next weekend. The 38-seat izakaya on the corner of the 16th Ave and Irving shuttered in November when its owners shifted focus to Nombe in the Mission. But now, new owners—also a husband and wife team—have taken over the space. They're calling it Izakaya Sozai, and though the izakaya theme will persist, there will be a new menu and new decor. [PLYWOOD]

2) SoMa: News about Radius first broke back in September, so it's high time for an update on the locavore restaurant headed for the old Julie's Supperclub on Folsom. They've been sporadically tracking the progress online and it looks like the Supperclub has been stripped, and the space is now "ready to be filled." [PLYWOOD]

3) Civic Center: Via a tipster: "I noticed what looked like a liquor license in the window of the former Kites restaurant at 536 Golden Gate Ave. (across from the new SFPUC building site) which has been closed and covered with graffiti for years." A look at the liquor licenses reveals that the name will be Mela Tandoori Kitchen, last seen closing on O'Farrell. [PLYWOOD]

4) North Beach/Chinatown: For those wondering about the status of Tuttimelon on the corner of Broadway and Columbus, the froyo shop is completely and suspiciously papered over, but it's not gone for good. The company tells us that the location is simply doing some remodeling and will be back open in a few weeks. [PLYWOOD]

Izakaya Sozai

1500 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA