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Week in Reviews Bonus

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2010_01_luce.jpgMichelin guide in hand, The Wall Street Journal visits the Bay to give national buzz to three newly-starred spots in Commis, Luce and Quince. Naturally, Quince earns itself another rave, as does James Syhabout's Oakland standout: "At Commis, we are in the hands of a self-contained imagination .. Michelin's rush to judgment with Commis paid off." On the other hand, things didn't go as well at Luce: "Although, there was almost no one else eating there when we did, service was insultingly inattentive and the food was a disconcerting mix of successful renditions of pasta and risotto, a bland treatment of chicken, a Vietnamese pork belly sandwich we suspect is surpassed in interest at dozens of ethnic lunch counters around town." Oof. [WSJ]