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Casablanca Cafe, Mi Lindo Yucatan Close Up Shop

Spot a recent closure on your block for The Shutter? You know the number.

2010_01_casablanca.jpg1) Polk Gulch: Late night spot, discount beer pitcher provider, and Polk Street hookah destination Casablanca Cafe has closed, according to a tipster. Word on the street is that the seven-year-old restaurant had been on the block for some time now, so maybe it finally found a buyer. [EaterWire]

2) The Mission: On the corner of 15th and Valencia, Mi Lindo Yucatan has papered its windows over too. The phone is disconnected, so until we hear otherwise, we're filing this under "doneski." The closure follows in the footsteps of the autumnal shuttering of the Noe Valley spot of the same name, though they were supposedly unrelated. [EaterWire]

Casablanca Cafe

1609 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA