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Adria Speaks: Robuchon's Advice, Michelin Stars and More!

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Earlier today, the earth-shattering news broke that El Bulli would be closing in 2012 for a two-year hiatus. As the dust settles on Adria's announcement, more details are slowly emerging regarding the fate of the world's top restaurant and its renowned chef.

In a telling interview session with the Telegraph, Adria also cites "personal problems," with unconfirmed speculations involving a serious health scare to a family member. He also sought out the advice of superchef friend/rival Joel Robuchon, who endorsed Adria's desire for a break: "He said it was time I went home."

NEXT: Adria on Michelin, moneymaking and the foreboding future: "After two years of being closed we will decide if we are actually going to reopen." >>