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Bottega Offers Chef Dinners, Cerciello Leaving Keller, More!

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Bottega photo: Flickr/star5112

YOUNTVILLE—Though the big marble table itself (pictured) isn't new, Bottega is offering a special new "Chef’s Table" option. It's a five-course menu featuring dishes not on the menu and allows the guests to interact with the chef—"often" Michael Chiarello, who is actually in the kitchen a lot more than you'd guess—about the varying menu. Prices change, but it's usually around $70 a person, with two seatings per night. Parties of six to 12 can take the entire table; smaller parties share with others. [EaterWire]

KELLERVERSE—Per tomorrow's Scoop, Jeffrey Cerciello—aka The Laundryman's right hand man and key part of Bouchon and Ad Hoc—has been the Director of Casual Dining for the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group for over a decade. But now, Cerciello will be striking out on his own; he's eying two projects: a casual spot in Marin and a gourmet market and cafe" down in Southern California. [Chron]

WHOLE FOODSWhole Foods recently announced a new health care initiative to cut company costs and put some money in the pockets of workers. Employees that don't smoke, have low cholesterol, and maintain a low BMI get higher discounts than the fatties in the company. An uproar is well underway. [Eater NY]


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