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What's Worse Than the Caveman Diet? Foodie Yogis

Photo of Napa's singular restaurant that's attached to a yoga studio; to be fair, Ubuntu is only mentioned in passing in the article. Credit

A couple of weeks ago, when the NYT did a "trend piece" on twenty-somethings who eat like cavemen—basically a lot of meat and long periods of fasting—many readers probably wondered if there could be a more obnoxious foodie trend. And as Eater NY points out, there is! And it's this. Today's front page piece revolves around people who do yoga and then pig out, foodie yoga retreats, and the connection between the food and yoga movements (Rick Bayless makes a cameo!). The thesis: "Inevitably, the overlap between the people who love to eat and the people who love to do eagle pose has grown." There are about 1,980 more words, so enjoy. Or, instead, see Gawker's awesome takedown.
· When Chocolate and Chakras Collide [NYT]