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Just How Many More Ferry Building Spots Will Move Out?

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This month has already seen Tsar Nicoulai and LuLu Petite bow out of the Ferry Building, and now comes word of the next tenant to vacate the premises: Mastrelli's—the offshoot of North Beach's iconic Molinari's Delicatessen—is slated to close in March. Following the same pattern of its fellow first-generation FB tenants, Mastrelli's couldn't renegotiate its lease, though it did get an extension for a few months. Down the row, let's just say that things aren't looking so good for I Preferiti di Boriana either (though nothing is confirmed there). All in all, with at least three to four swaps in the works, the stage is being set for a sizable shift in San Francisco's food mecca.

With so many FB leases due to expire, the bigger question here is how many more chips will fall. For the last few months, as negotiations continue, the Ferry Building has been full of (legit and bogus) rumors swirling around about other spots that may or may not be able to stay aboard—we're looking at you, Ferry Plaza Seafood. And then of course, there's plenty of speculation about the replacements. especially since the last batch of newcomers (Heath, Daniel Patterson, Blue Bottle) was much more high-profile than its predecessors. When opportunity knocks, you answer.

For now, the powers that be are staying mum, but expect the other shoe(s) to drop very, very soon... and tipsters, you know the number.
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