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Poleng Lounge Says Goodbye, Cyrus Deals With Protests

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WESTERN ADDITION—Don't forget that this weekend finally marks the swan song for Poleng Lounge. The news first broke a few weeks ago, and since then, a few thoughtful tributes have been penned. Sweets to the sweet, farewell. [EaterWire]

HEALDSBURG—Seems that foie gras wackos have taken a liking to protesting outside Cyrus. According to the call to arms, there will be "peaceful" demonstrations every Saturday. Think what you will of foie gras, but seeing as how Cyrus uses foie from the very responsible Hudson Valley farm, there are about a million worse offenders of poultry and meats. Further reading on chefs that support responsible foie gras farms can be had here and here. [EaterWire]

Poleng Lounge

1751 Fulton Ave, San Francisco, CA