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Remedy En Route in Oakland, Plus Polk and Castro Doings

1) Oakland: Man Seeking Coffee has all kinds of juicy intel on Remedy Coffee and how the Mission's coffee wars have extended Telegraph Avenue. See, Remedy will serve Ritual Coffee and is expected to rival neighbor Subrosa, which serves Four Barrel and just opened recently. But the most intriguing part of the imminent coffeehouse is that there will be a phone booth for customers on cell phone calls. That's fun. [MSC]

2) Polk Gulch: We mentioned the closing of Casablanca Cafe last week, and the buzz in and around Polk Street is that next door neighbor Royal Grounds bought the space, is currently making renovations and is planning on getting into the food game. [Polk Sheet]

3) The Castro: Back in the city, we have not one but two planning commission items of note on Market Street. First, a "small, self-service restaurant" to be called Dinosaur is expected to be approved with conditions in the 2275 Market complex. Further down the road, on the corner of Market and Church, a new wine bar named Cork is also expected to get the green light; Grubz has more hot details on the wine bar. [EaterWire]


4316 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA