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Valet Parking Vets to Open Italian Joint in Hayes Valley

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While the landlord of the soon-vacant Citizen Cake space is looking for astronomical rent, just on down the road, there's fresh new action at old Breezy's spot, which has been dark for about a year now. Eater sources have confirmed that the new owners—Nurullah and Medet Zira—are two brothers who also own a valet company (and a possibly naughty one at that). One of them is even friends with former mayor Willie Brown and everything! Sure they might not have any restaurant experience per se, but they've parked cars outside of places like Bocce Cafe, Enrico's Sidewalk Cafe, Little Joe's and Suppenkuche. The working name is Ristorante Allegro, and don't forget that the odd space has a shared kitchen with the space around the corner that housed the kebab joint.
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409 Gough St, San Francisco, CA