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A Moveable Tweet: The Latest from the Industry Twitterati

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Welcome back to A Moveable Tweet, where we present the most intriguing tweets from the food and dining industry.

It's Oscar season, and Top Chef/Iluna Basque's Mattin Noblia has some important thoughts to share with the Academy, and with you:

Former Chron scribe and current NYT food columnist Kim Severson takes the liberty of making a pop culture/menstruation joke, with less-than-moderate success:
Namu's Dennis Lee doesn't get this whole Beard House dinner thing:
Robbie Lewis pours out a little liquor for El Bulli...
...but Ruth Reichl scored a sit-down with Ferran Adria. It didn't go so well for ol' RR:
Richard Blais had a ground-breaking revelation:
Speaking of which, Jeremy Stoppelman consults the Googles for his grown-up activities:
Chris Cosentino had the trip of a lifetime in Spain, and his guide wasn't too shabby either:
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