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The SF Every Bar Project, Acurio Flirts With Politics, More!

SOUTH AMERICA—For those wondering, Peruvian celeb chef and La Mar Cebicheria frontman Gaston Acurio will not, in fact, become the next mayor of Lima. [Andina]

LAUNCHES & RELEASES—Via SFist comes word of a new website project called Every Bar In San Francisco that has undertaken the mission to—you guessed it—have a drink at every bar in San Francisco. Thus far, there are four notches on the belt: Nite Cap, Ha-Ra, KoKo and Harry Harrington's. [SFist]

EATER OBITS—Al Bernardin, the creator of the McDonald's Quarter Pounder With Cheese, has passed away. The man started in the product development wing of McDonald's HQ in 1961, was the original Dean of Hamburger University (the Mickey D's training center) and also helped develop the Filet-O-Fish, hot apple pie, and frozen french fry recipes for the company. [Chicago Tribune via Eater National]

Harry Harrington's

460 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA‎

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