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Zazil Becomes the First Casualty of Westfield Restaurants

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A little more than three years after making its debut with the rest of the restaurants on the top floor of the swanky (then-new) Westfield San Francisco Centre—aka the "Restaurant Collection Under the Dome"—Zazil Coastal Mexican Cuisine has officially become the fancy mall's first real restaurant casualty. The upscale Mexican spot had a promising concept and despite the presence of drinks like the Mango Vanilla Mojito, it had a strong tequila collection too. But the food/service was uneven at best and its location did it no favors. It received a lukewarm, if encouraging, 2.5 stars in '07. Zazil's sister restaurant Colibri is still open, while Straits and Lark Creek Steak are still left on the top floor of Westfield.


845 Market St, San Francisco, CA‎