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Manrique Opens a Wine Bar in EC2, Oakland's New Push

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FINANCIAL DISTRICT—In a surprise move, Laurent Manrique and Chris Condy have reunited to open Blanc & Rouge in Embarcadero Center Two's old Wine space, according to tomorrow's Scoop. It's a wine bar in the same vein as their Union Square one, Rouge & Blanc. They just did it backwards this time. [Chron]

OAKLAND—The city of Oakland wants to increase its nightclub and bar scene, so it's considering relaxing some of its laws to attract more late-night crowds. What could possibly go awry? [WSJ]

THE MISSIONTasting Table notes that Borderlands Cafe, the cafe next door to Borderlands Books, is finally open after a forever of trying. 870 Valencia Street, between 19th and 20th; 415-970-6998; website [TT]

CELEB CHEFDOM— In honor of Nigella Lawson's 50th birthday this weekend, those cheeky lads at the Daily Mail have dug up 50 nasty little tidbits that you probably didn't know about the celeb chef. For those without the patience, here's the shorthand: she washes her hair once a week, never looks in the mirror, loves slankets, once ate 20 pickled eggs in ten minutes for a bet, and while she doesn't generally wear any underwear, she buys her lingerie from the same shop the Queen does. But really, who knew Nigella was 50? [DM via Eater National]

Blanc & Rouge

2 Embarcadero Center, San Francisco, CA