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Popular Weird Fish Satellite Moves OUT of Bender's

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Bender's on the left; Weird Fish on the right.
Bender's on the left; Weird Fish on the right.

Big news from Bender's—or rather, the food operation side of Bender's—where Weird Fish's Satellite has officially moved out. The shift means that the fried pickles, burgers and rest of Timothy Holt's menu are a thing of the past. Sadface. Per the Bender's, they're working on a new food program that includes, among amenities: sausages, grilled sandwiches and, er, potatoes. No word yet on whether the Satellite will resurface somewhere in the future, but if you've got suggestions on a nice dive bar that could use fried foodstuffs, do put 'em in the comments.


806 South Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, CA‎

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