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Yats Crew Resurfaces at Annie's Bistro With a New Name

Last we heard from Yats New Orleans Original Po Boys, the Cajun cuisine favorite had vacated the premises at Jack's Club to start a new full-service restaurant in the Bayview District.

Apparently they got bored pretty quickly, because as of this afternoon, there's word that Yats is back ... in a new location. The brick-and-mortar restaurant is still under construction, but in the interim, Yats has taken over the daytime kitchen at Annie's Bistro on California and Divis. However, they're not calling it Yats anymore; rather, the new operation is going by Creole Soups and Such, though the menu is similar. Today was the first day and they'll be running the kitchen on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11AM to 3PM.
· Yats Closing Mission Bar Outpost to Open Bayview Eatery [~ESF~]
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Annie's Bistro

2819 California Street, San Francisco, CA