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First Look at Credo's Multitude of Quotable Artwork

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News about Credo first broke way back in November, and Clint Reilly's 75-seat, all-day Italian trattoria is quickly approaching an opening date in the next fortnight or so. It's a high-ceilinged space in a former bank building with a square bar (NB: there will be a strong cocktail program) and counter/open kitchen book-ending the space. Dozens upon dozens of quotes—touching upon a varied subjects as baseball, Iraq and love—line the walls (credo means "I believe" in Italian), and like all rotating art, the massive quote boards will change regularly. Since it's one of those things that one can literally stare at for hours, exclusive sneak peekage can be had here, now. Some are funny, some are poignant, some are sarcastic, but all have a place.
· "Urban Trattoria" Credo En Route For Financial District [~ESF~]


360 Pine St., San Francisco, CA