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Tyler Florence Talks About His New Book and More!

TY-FLO - An interview with Tyler Florence regarding his brand new book, Family Dinner: Bringing People Together Never Tasted Better popped up on Amazon's Al Dente blog today. The highlight:

LK: Anthony Bourdain has talked about he couldn’t get back in the kitchen. It’s too hard and too hot and a young person’s game. Do you feel that way?
TF: Not at all. It’s like an old girlfriend. It’s like that love, that feel of hospitality, of inspiring young cooks to be the best they can be. I love it. I have not lost that loving feeling.

STREET BEAT - Meanwhile, San Francisco loses the Global Soul food truck to Los Angeles. SFoodie has this revealing interview. [SFoodie]

FOOD FESTS - GrubStreet snapped this sun-filled slideshow documentation of the return of San Francisco magazine's FallFest this past Saturday. [GrubStreet]

[Photo: Orlando Sentinel]