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Guest Chefs Unleash Creative Tacos at Tacolicious Yet Again

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This Thursday, Bar Tartine chef Chris Kronner will be making tacos at the Tacolicious Ferry Plaza Farmers Market stall. And you know what this means: the next line-up of guest chef taco makers starts trickling out for a slew of Thursdays thereafter. We've got a first look at this eight-week run of taco tacoliciousness, if you will. Proceeds, as always, go to CUESA's education programs. Last Spring, the guest chef series raised over 5K for charity. The hope is to exceed those numbers this Fall. Hours: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The full confirmed Tacolicious schedule follows.*:

October 14: Chris Kronner, Bar Tartine

October 21: Michael Tusk, Quince (duck tacos with red cabbage and spiced quince)

October 28: Hoss Zare, Zaré at Flytrap (something traditional and something with lamb heart)

November 3: Josh Skenes, Saison

Upcoming dates for Grace Nguyen of Out the Door and Jenn Puccio from Marlowe coming soon. [EaterWire]

*Taco details noted where known.

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