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Arizmendi Mission Opens, Chocolate Thing Sells Out at 8:30

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After much excitement and free samplage, the Arizmendi Bakery co-op opened this morning at 7 a.m. on Valencia Street. The anticipation for this particular outpost has been so high that the first customer showed up a good hour and fifteen minutes before opening and the bakery sold out of its popular chocolate thing breakfast bun at 8:30. "It looks like the chocolate thing could be a neighborhood favorite," said the worker on duty when we called. She also reminded us Arizmendi has 'hood-specific offerings at each of its locations. Here in the Mission, they're serving bolillos, a small, sweet bread indigenous to Mexico. Now for those who get to this in time for lunch, the special pizza today is mushroom, leek and asiago and the special bread is rosemary sourdough. We'll be standing by for your early reports. [EaterWire]

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[Photo: Arizmendi Associates]

Arizmendi Bakery

1331 9th Avenue, , CA 94122 (415) 566-3117 Visit Website

Arizmendi Bakery

1270 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA