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Introducing Quizno's Culinary Ambassadors

Today a real eye-opener came into the Eater Inbox by way of Quizno's publicity team. They're hosting a private “Subs & Suds” dinner next week, showing off the newfound "culinary side" of the creepily-mascotted chain:

The dinner will pair new Quiznos menu items, such as the Prime Rib Mushroom & Swiss Sub and Turkey Cuban, with seasonal brews from San Francisco’s Speakeasy Ales & Lagers. The event, which will take place at a loft in San Francisco’s SOMA district, will be hosted by Quiznos culinary ambassadors and Speakeasy’s brewmaster, who will provide insight on the food pairing, new Quiznos menu items and Speakeasy beers.

Sadly, we're busy, but pretty sure Willie Brown would just love something like this. We recommended they invite him in our stead and try not to give away any unidentifiable freebies. [EaterWire]

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[Photo: SodaHead]