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Zimmern and Cosentino Bromance Brews Aboard Gut Truc

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Incanto chef Chris Cosentino (left) and Bizarre Foods star Andrew Zimmern
Incanto chef Chris Cosentino (left) and Bizarre Foods star Andrew Zimmern

[Photo: Jennifer Yin]

Andrew Zimmern's whirlwind trip to the Bay Area for the filming of his San Francisco episode of Bizarre Foods included dinner at forageSF, hamachi at the Slanted Door, freshly-caught Bodega Bay abalone and foie at pal Chris Cosentino's Incanto and more foie via quadruple scoops at Humphry Slocombe -- which he's affectionately nicknamed "HumpSlo". He also ate 14 courses at Benu, and grew a "food woody" at Lers Ros.

But his biggest shoot happened on Saturday at Off The Grid's McCoppin Hub iteration. He and Cosentino jumped aboard Hugh Schick's Le Truc and called it the Gut Truc for a day, selling offal treats like calf tongue sliders and a cone filled with trotters, confit pig's head, meatballs and brainaisse.

The crowd swelled from an early 30 to a few hundred attendees over the three-hour period and no one was turned away. Chefs vs. City co-star Aaron Sanchez came to lend moral support and proceeds went to Arriba Juntos’ food shelf in the Mission. Do take a moment to view the gallery above and the video after the hop, providing 360 degrees of coverage. Keep in mind, you can catch new episodes of Bizarre Foods in January when everything airs on the Travel Channel.
- Tamara Palmer

An Offal Bizarre Day from Tamara Palmer

Or click here for the 11 plus minute unedited version wherein the two divulge the details of their bromance and more.


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