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Blue Bottle Backs Out Of Dolores Park Plan

Blue Bottle Coffee owner James Freeman told us this morning that he's "104 percent sure" the Dolores Park trailer he's been planning for over a year won't come to fruition. The Bay Citizen and SFoodie reported yesterday the "contentious public discussion" that bubbled up at various Rec and Park meetings and on blog forums was the major cause. Freeman tells us at first he felt the "credibility of the opposition might not be taken seriously." Certain opponents, for example, aren't OK with the Blue Bottle Dolores presence, but think selling pot truffles is hunky dory. Yet the meetings persisted and Freeman slowly became more "apprehensive about the potential for an ugly situation."

Explaining that his supporters are "not Bastille stormers" and he "felt unclean trying to mobilize his faithfuls more than once," Freeman agrees the silent majority would probably be delighted to have his coffee available in the park. Nevertheless, he told Rec & Park yesterday morning that he won't be moving forward with the plan. Meanwhile La Cocina will continue to plot its El Huarache Loco trailer in Dolores. "I'm glad La Cocina didn't take the brunt of this opposition," says Freeman. "Because I don't think they have as many other options as we do. Maybe we'll stock up a trailer and drive across country to Brooklyn. Who knows."

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Founder James Freeman at his Blue Bottle outpost in Mint Plaza. [Photo: Specialty Coffee]

Former Blue Bottle Trailer Site

Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco, CA