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Chotto, A "Legit" Izakaya, Tears Things Up In The Marina

Days after Three Seasons shuttered in the Marina, comes exciting news of its replacement: an of-the-moment izakaya idea called Chotto. The owners are a husband and wife duo, Tad and Zerlayna Horie. Although the chef hasn't signed on the dotted line yet, the idea for the menu is clear: a "legit" assemblage of the usual fried, skewered and pickled things, one ramen option and nigiri offered on weekends only. All of this, of course, will be sourced from local farms and fish markets.

As you see in the pre-plywood shots above, they're totally gutting the joint to create the 66-seater rendered here (also above) with separate areas for a bar, raw bar, dining room and two private rooms that will be decorated with handcrafted Japanese lanterns and small hand-painted kites. Erin Altman, who also works with Delgado Design, is in charge. The Hories also want to fill a new niche with the beverage program, sourcing sake and shochu from small Japanese brewers that we haven't met yet in the Bay Area. Rice-, barley- or potato-based shochus will be available on ice, with soda or as cocktails combined with fresh seasonal fruits. The name "chotto" has many slightly different meanings from "a small amount" to "a short visit" and hopefully not "short-lived." Expected opening is mid-December. [ISSF, EaterWire]

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3317 Steiner Street, San Francisco, CA