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French Laundry Hits the iPad, FoodCrafters Season 2, More!

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WINE COUNTRY - The French Laundry becomes the second local restaurant on record to move its wine list to the iPad. Unlike the first adopter, Barbacco here in the FiDi, the FL will abandon paper lists entirely. The sommelier role, however, will still be filled by a living human. No word yet as to when precisely this will roll out. [ISSF]

FOOD TV - Season two of FoodCrafters starts tonight on the Cooking Channel. Remember, CHOW editor-cum-Food Network gal Aida Mollenkamp will be your guide. Tonight's episode is all about artisanal candy makers from New York's pappabubble to LA's Milk & Krunchies. Check out her web site for a list of what's on tap for the next few episodes. [GrubStreet]

PRINT MEDIA - Jackson Square's Quince tops Bon Appetit's November list of the places for perfect pasta in the U.S. A tagliatelle with morel mushroom and celeriac foam receives mention, although the sky is really the limit where Michael Tusk, egg yolks and flour are involved. [Bon Appetit]

STREET MEAT - A new pizza vendor shows up on the Twitter tape: Casey's Pizza. This one's vending New York-style from a nifty looking DIYish pizza deck and it looks like he'll be at Bloodhound on Saturday. [SFoodie]

[Photo: Heiland Hoff Architecture]


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