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Rec and Park Releases RFP For Lake Merced Boathouse

SF Rec and Park has announced its Request For Proposals (RFP) for a "qualified" someone to operate the Lake Merced Boathouse. Hopeful parties have until February 4 to get an "impressive business and operations plan" together. The area in question includes the second floor of the Boathouse building, the second floor deck, immediate grounds and parking area. And as you can see from this image here, there's much room for improvement. Lease term is 10 years followed by three city-controlled five year options. In Assistant Director Lev Kushner's words:

"The City is looking for an operator who will transform the current building into a thriving restaurant, community hub, and center for recreational and naturalist activity that befits a location as beautiful as Lake Merced. With the boathouse on the ground floor and the nearby ParkMerced apartments, this facility has the possibility to be a family-friendly dining destination in an area of the city that is currently under served."

And then this from the actual RFP: "A food and beverage concession of premium quality in terms of both design and menu content. RPD will view favorably menus that are inventive and interesting, and serve a variety of options."

There's a pre-submittal meeting and tour on Wednesday December 8, so interested parties should mark their calendars.

The full pdf can be downloaded here. [EaterWire]

[Photo: tonyhallsf

Lake Merced Boathouse Restaurant

1 Harding Road, San Francisco, CA