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Week in Reviews

CDA.jpgBlackjack Bauer visits Cafe Des Amis, the three-month-old toddler from Bacchus Group (Spruce, Village Pub), and finds the menu to be a gamble. "It's like playing roulette in Vegas - hope for a win, but be prepared to lose. It was barely a break-even proposition on my four visits." Even on the night when he was recognized as a reviewer "for every great dish there was a clunker." And although the 24-layer crepe cake and steak tartare are some of the best in the city, this "culinary rollercoaster" crashes with a one star rating for food and 1.5 stars overall. [Chron]

Cafe des Amis

2000 Union Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 415 563 7700 Visit Website