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Is Chez Panisse Not "Frenchy" Enough For Michelin?

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Some noteworthy banter on Chez Panisse's fall from Michelin stardom can be found over on Chowhound right this very second. Locanda da Eva owner Robert Lauriston seems to think "If a restaurant becomes less Frenchy, that probably costs it points. CP's menu for this week certainly doesn't read as French as it did a couple of years ago." Another commenter notes CP is now being compared to places like "Lung King Heen in HK or Alain Ducasse in London (not NY). And in many instances, Chez Panisse just came up short."

Then there are mikeh's words: "They take the freshest and best local ingredients and let the ingredients speak for themselves to a fault. It's like eating the garden instead of eating from the garden." Everybody knows the 3.33 local Michelin inspectors read the comment forums on boards like Chowhound when deciding who to promote and demote in the star scape. And the presiding sentiment over there isn't too rosy. Is there a particular Chowhounder speaking your language? Do weigh in here in the comments.

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Chez Panisse

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Chez Panisse

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